Dell APEX Virtual Console Tour

Project Overview

A web application made in Vue.js, serving the purpose of giving Dell Technologies’ business partners an in-depth user-friendly set of demos for their APEX Console, used to order and configure a number of cloud-based hosting solutions.

To make the site as responsive and user-friendly as possible, it includes features such as:

  • Voiceover throughout the entire site and the steps within each demo to help guide the user.
  • On-screen captions that match the voiceover for greater accessibility.
  • A navigable progress bar, whereby the user can go forward/backward in steps on the demo, or proceed to a particular section of that demo.
  • Highlighted hotspots on various console data entry points, to direct the users focus towards the current point of interest in the demo.
  • Inline imagery and videos throughout demos, to help illustrate and explain the console functionality.
  • Follow-up CTAs on completing a demo, to give the user more specific information relating that service.


  • Project scoping and planning, including functional specification writing.
  • Site code development, working alongside other developers.
  • Monitoring and planning development team’s work, as the Lead Developer.
  • Integrating the live console’s UI components to allow for a responsive and accurate demo experience.
  • Working with Dell’s development and QA team to ensure security and coding standards were met.
  • Assisting with the deployment of the application on the site, as a consultant.

Development Stack

  • Vue.js
  • Tailwind
  • CircleCI
  • Docker
  • AWS

Site not publically available due to security restrictions.